How to network to your dream job

People who are employees often act like they’re rice. Rice is a commodity. It doesn’t really matter which brand of rice you get (except for Basmati rice, man, that is the real deal). They’re all the same to you. It’s plain and boring. You could swap our one type of rice for another and nobody would be […]

3 lies we tell ourselves about networking

“It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.” This phrase is bandied about quite a bit. Usually by people who feel stuck in their jobs, can’t see a way out of it and start complaining about how the government should do something about foreign talents. But you know what? They’re right! Your relationships will […]

4 principles of persuasion you should use today

One thing I’ve noticed in the workplace: people who can get others to buy into their vision are at the top of the food chain. We’re all in the business of influence and persuasion. Whether it’s an idea or a product, you won’t get far unless others buy into it. Persuasion vs Manipulation I want […]

3 reasons I lost a lot of money and how I overcame them

This is a story on my investment in a company that build ships for the oil industry called Vard in 2013. I’ve lost over S$10,000 because the stock has collapsed 85%. Yet, I’m still holding on even though I know I’m being stupid. We love to believe we’re all special snowflakes that are individual and […]

Why the Holland Village robbery doesn’t make financial sense

Wow… so huge news. Someone successfully robbed a bank in Singapore and there’s going to be a manhunt. A manhunt as in a hunt for a criminal. This is really rare in Singapore. I mean, this is so rare that the first image for manhunt Singapore on Google returns me this: Lots of people are […]

There’s only 3 things u need to know before investing and it’s not what you think

I’ve heard plenty of people say they want to start investing. But they are afraid to get started. I can understand. There are a lot of terms that sound intimating like fundamental analysis, technical analysis etc. So many types of analysis and we all have day jobs! It’s no wonder most people would rather hire […]

3 negotiation tricks that professionals use

Negotiation is one of those things people actively avoid. They fear confrontation so they plow through them as quickly as possible, accepting the worst possible deals to just get it over with. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Simply by understanding the tactics actual professional negotiators use, you can enter a negotiation with […]

Rejection sucks. How to deal with rejection when negotiating

Rejection sucks! Rejection, whether it’s no one accepting your awesome party invite or being turned down for a promotion, freaking hurts. It’s one of the worst emotions to deal with. Scientists have shown that the same brain regions for physical pain get activated when we experience rejection. The number one reason people don’t negotiate: fear […]

Here’s how I negotiated: using expired tickets to enter a theme park

I went to Universal Studios with these tickets. They were expired a week before I went. No, I didn’t pull a sleight of hand, David Blaine street magic crap. All I did was call the company. You might be asking what’s the value of practicing in situations like this? I want to negotiate the big […]

The secret to getting paid what you’re worth. Hint: it’s not about working harder.

If you’re going to work for somebody, make sure you’re getting what you’re worth. We spend most of our waking hours working. So, how come most of us never ask for a raise? The truth: most of us just don’t know how to get that pay raise. The criteria for getting a raise seems dictated […]