Why some people can over-eat and still stay thin

Do you have a friend that chows down on fried chicken wings like a one-man piranha herd unleashed on clueless swimmers but looks skinnier than Victoria Beckham? Meanwhile, there you are looking glumly down at your pathetic salad and inwardly screaming to the heavens, “How have I displeased you, mighty Thor? That thou hast not […]

The one reason why your friends can’t keep their New Year resolutions

Have you ever successfully kept a New Year resolution? No? Don’t worry polls show that 88% of people are in the same boat. This is the time of year where people set resolutions they can’t keep. Well actually, they’re less like”resolutions” than a vague passing notion that boils down to: “This is how I’d like […]

It’s not your fault you can’t save money

Have your parents ever told you that you should clean your plate, there are starving children in Africa? I recently found out this little saying transcends borders. Parents everywhere say the same thing! And I thought it was only Asian parents. When it comes to food, we like to fantasize that we are the master […]

How our brains lie to us about money

I got hungry for a snack the other day. So I decided to get some tarts from this shop round the corner of my house. It’s my go-to stop for an after dinner snack now. After several visits to this shop, I noticed a fascinating sales technique employed by the Chinese woman at the counter. […]

Warning: Candy Crush’s 5.9 billion sale to Activision Blizzard creates new addiction empire

How do you keep people doing the same thing all day for all time? The video game designers for Candy Crush have answered that question in a most convincing manner. King’s Digital Entertainment, the company behind Candy Crush Saga has been sold for 5.9 BILLION dollars!! The addiction kings of mobile gaming merged with the […]

If you are not spending in your 20s, you’re doing something wrong

I followed this piece “If You Have Savings In Your 20s, You’re Doing Something Wrong” on Elite Daily with some interest . I felt a great disturbance on social media as it went viral, as if millions of financially responsible voices suddenly cried out, and immediately tweeted it. I fear something terrible has happened. I’m […]

How to invest without being a stock trader

I feel your pain. There is way too much information on finance out there. And the language used sounds foreign and intimidating. Much of it would only be useful if you wanted to become a “Certified Financial Something”. If you just want to get started investing, most of it is absolutely useless to you. For […]

How to not worry about spending money

Have you ever seen money advice like this? Stop buying lattes every day and save 5 x 7 = $35/week, $150/month, invest this money at a 10% rate of return, after 40 years you would have a whopping $880,000!. This is what I call the “Gym Guilt Syndrome” guide to money management. How often have […]